Importing milestones

Step 1

Preparing Milestone Import File

  • Export milestones to an Excel/csv file from P6, MS Project or other application with the following fields: task_code, task_name, end_date, and delete any extra columns
  • If needed click here -> Download Excel template
  • Move the milestone ID column to column A, the description to column B, and the date to column C

If your date format is already set to MM/DD/YYYY, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, follow these next 4 steps.

  • Select the entire end_date column
  • Right click the column header and select format to open the number formatting dialog
  • Select the Locale – English (United States)
  • Select the date format to MM/DD/YYYY – the dates should all change to this format 

Step 2


  • Open Visual Planner and click on the Settings icon

Step 3

  • Click the Plan tab
  • Choose between Import Master Milestones or Import Milestones from File

Import Master Milestones

  • Browse to select the Excel file you have just saved
  • Click OK

  • On import, a 1/3 size lane is created in the weekly view and in the phase pull module

  • Master milestones are fixed and the lane can not be collapsed
  • To create a ‘Plan’ milestone, touch or click and hold on a Master milestone, drag a copy into a lane to edit
  • Milestones on the same date will stack. Click or tap the stack to cycle through them.

  • Clicking the master milestone will highlight the plan milestones created from that milestone 
  • If a Plan milestone is moved forward or backward compared to the Master, an alert is shown, and the number of days past will be displayed. 

Note: To update master milestones, reimport new ones. Reimporting only updates milestones from the current day and future, not prior.


Import Milestones from File

  • Browse to select the Excel file you have just saved
  • Click OK

  • On import, a milestone lane is created and populated
  • Drag and edit milestones as you see fit

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Updated: January 18th, 2024