Version 1.4.4380.0

Release date: 17th November, 2022

 Feature improvements

  • When a plan is locked, it is now possible to edit 3+ weeks ahead
  • Week numbers have been added to the calendar view
  • A scroll bar has been added to the Reasons for Variance list to accommodate viewing more items 
  • A scroll bar has been added to the Trades and User lists to enable viewing longer lists
  • A download application link has been added to the email that is sent to users when they are added to a plan
  • The background on PDFs when printing reports has been changed to white
  • You are now able to edit plan names in the subscription plan list
  • Trades are now able to create constraints.
  • 50% - 60% reduction in time to load large plans

 Bug fixes

  • Web client items including plan and menu opening not functioning, graphic items
  • Touch issues affecting editing and opening in phase pull module
  • Connectors not deleting


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Updated: April 21st, 2023