Version 1.4.5204.0

Release date: 7th Feburary 2023

The focus of this release is on improving performance and ensuring reliability. In response to your feedback, we have made the following additions to Visual Planner functionality:

  • Multiple activity tags for a trade now stack in the weekly plan parking lot. Click or tap to reach the desired activity in the stack to move to the plan.
  • The 'None' 'Reason for variance' has been removed when statusing a tag.
  • The ability to status cards when the plan is locked has been added.
  • Performance has been improved when scrolling through the plan.
  • Permissions behavior and messages improved in View Only mode.


  • Improve performance and missing items on large plans.
  • PPC reporting history repaired.
  • Milestone color added to data export.
  • A duplicate lane name is not allowed as this creates an issue in the database which causes errors in PowerBI.
  • Updating a milestone in Phase Pull doesn’t cause failure.
  • Opening and deleting local plans issue fixed.
  • Zeros do not appear when a constraint is opened to edit.

Did you know?

You can reorder the Reason for variance list with a right mouse click or touch and hold on a Reason.

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Updated: February 8th, 2023